Tips for In Studio Newborn Session

Hello momma! I’m so glad you’ve booked your newborn session with me! To help insure we have a successful session, here are a few helpful tips!

1. Please try to keep baby awake at least an hour prior to your session. This will hopefully make him or her good and sleepy for their poses

2. Please try to plan a feeding time for

when you arrive at the studio... once you arrive I will have you strip babe down to their diaper and feed. This helps get your little one to a calm state for their photos.

3. Dont stress! If you don’t have time to finish your make up before leaving, you are welcome to do so at the studio!

Other things you may may want to know...

• The studio will be warmer for baby‘s comfort so dress lightly

• Please commuicate if you want to do sibling or parent photos. I do not charge extra but it helps to plan in advance

•Know newborns take any where from 1-4 hours (average about 2.5)...Depending on baby’s level of happines.

• We have snacks, waters and juices for you and older siblings. As well as a couch, tv, coloring books and toys.

What we offer?-

I have a variety of backgrounds and fabrics for your littles ones photos. I collect mainly neutrals and have a couple of pastel colors as well. I have a ton of headbands and some little bonnets, hats and outfits to choose from.

You are always welcome to come by and see them before your session. As always if you have any question, feel free to call!

Kristen Davis


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